ETI Sweden is a member organisation for companies and organisations in all sectors. We offer trainings, advice, resources and a platform for collaboration.

Our members include two of Sweden’s largest food retailers, Axfood and Coop, global construction company NCC, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and leading CSOs including Oxfam and Save the Children.

We are part of the Joint Ethical Trading Initiative (JETI) with sister organisations in the UK, Norway and Denmark – through our 350 members we reach 50 million workers globally.

Human Rights Due Diligence

At ETI Sweden we support our members to implement human rights due diligence (HRDD), the process companies carry out to identify, address and account for how they address adverse human rights and environmental impacts in their operations and supply chain

HRDD is a core element of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and in 2021 the European Commission will put forward a legislative proposal on mandatory HRDD for companies operating in the EU.

Members of ETI Sweden receive guidance, trainings, advice and resources to implement and develop their due diligence work. They also get the chance to share experience and collaborate with other member companies and organisations on HRDD.

Office: Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1, 118 65 Stockholm, Sweden
Postal address: ETI Sweden, Pokalvägen 3, 1705, 117 40 Stockholm, Sweden